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The New York Times Upfront is the only newsmagazine designed for high school Social Studies and Language Arts classrooms.

Increase Social Studies Knowledge

Upfront examines important historical events and reinforces the civics, government, and economics concepts you need to teach. Your students will build Social Studies knowledge and skills with features like maps, primary sources, and social studies vocabulary in each issue. 

Maps, primary sources, and social studies vocabulary in each issue

Build Language Arts Skills

Upfront is the ideal source for compelling informational texts. We cover news stories teens want to know about with articles at a wide range of Lexile® levels. Our lesson plans and skills sheets challenge students to analyze texts using strategies they’ll need to succeed on standardized tests.

Save Prep Time, Meet Standards

Every issue of Upfront comes with a 16-page Teacher’s Guide filled with step-by-step lesson plans, quizzes, writing prompts, and skills sheets. They’re designed to meet today’s rigorous academic standards, so you never need to worry about designing your own lessons or quizzes to go with the magazine. 

Use Your Classroom Technology

Subscribers get complete access to our exceptional website to use with their classroom technology. Read every issue in a high-quality digital version, watch news videos, and differentiate instruction with our extensive suite of digital learning tools. Students and teachers can also access Upfront’s digital content on their iPads with our subscriber iPad® app!

Bring Upfront Into Your Classroom

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