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A New Way to Fight Famine? 

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People in four countries in Africa and the Middle East—Nigeria, South Sudan, Somalia, and Yemen—are at risk of mass starvation, the U.N. refugee agency announced last month. Factors that have led to the crisis include civil wars, droughts, and economic insecurity, which have left millions of people in those countries vulnerable to famine. The U.N. says more than $5 billion is needed to help these countries but so far has raised less than 20 percent of that goal. 


  1. Who do the people in the cartoon represent? How do you know?
  2. Last month, President Trump ordered the U.S. military to drop a powerful bomb called MOAB (sometimes referred to as the “mother of all bombs”) on ISIS targets in Afghanistan. What does MOAB mean in the context of this cartoon? 
  3. How does the cartoonist use the two news events to make a point? Do you agree or disagree with the point he is making?
  4. Does it surprise you that these countries are on the brink of starvation? Do you think such stories get enough media attention? Explain.
  5. Do wealthy countries like the U.S. have a responsibility to help people in need around the world? Why or why not?

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