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Cutting Down Big Government 

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CREDIT: Glenn McCoy / Belleville News-Democrat/ Andrews McMeel Syndication

Last week, the Trump administration outlined its first federal budget. The $1.1 trillion proposal makes severe cuts to many government agencies, including the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Education. (Trump’s budget includes more spending in some areas, including for the Department of Homeland Security and the military.) Democrats have historically favored increases in government spending to provide safety nets for Americans—sometimes called “big government”—while Republicans tend to favor smaller government because they believe it’s more efficient and less of a burden on taxpayers.  


  1. What does the tree represent, and why is President Trump cutting it with a chainsaw?
  2. What does the donkey represent? What do you think will happen to the donkey given that it is leaning against the tree? 
  3. What point might the cartoonist be trying to make? Explain. 
  4. Why do you think President Trump wants to make such drastic changes in government spending? Do you think his new budget would have a positive effect or a negative effect on the U.S.? Explain.  
  5. How might Republicans react to the cartoon? What about Democrats?

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