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R-Rated Politics?

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CREDIT: Gary Varvel/ 

The 2016 presidential election divided the country—and set the stage for a deeply polarized and aggressive political climate. A Pew Research survey released last fall found that many Americans were worn out by the amount of political coverage they were seeing, and most were stressed out or frustrated by online interactions with people who had opposing political views.  


  1. What’s happening in the first scene in the cartoon? What does the warning appearing on the TV screen refer to and why is the woman covering the child’s eyes?
  2. Observe the second scene: What has changed? Why is the little boy now covering the woman’s eyes? 
  3. What’s ironic about this cartoon? 
  4. What might the cartoonist be trying to say? Do you agree or disagree? 
  5. Why do you think some people might feel worn out by politics? How do you feel about the political coverage you’ve encountered? 

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