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What’s In Store for the Class of 2017? 

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CREDIT: Jeff Koterba

There’s a longstanding tradition at graduations in the U.S. of throwing your cap up in the air, a gesture that suggests joy and excitement about the future. This cartoon plays around with that convention by adding a drone—an autonomous aircraft that’s been used by the military and for recreational purposes, and that sometimes raises privacy concerns—above the students’ heads. What the cartoonist is trying to say might be open to interpretation. Answer these questions to come to your own conclusion.


  1. Examine the faces of the students in the cartoon. How do they seem to feel? Explain.
  2. What do you think the drone might symbolize about society?
  3. Do you think young people today are less or more carefree than previous generations? 
  4. What role do you think technology has played in shaping your generation?
  5. What point do you think the cartoonist is trying to make? Do you agree or disagree?





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