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The Feb. 20, 2017 Issue 

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cover story

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Kings of the Hill (and the White House)

(P. 6)

Can President Trump move his agenda forward within a system that gives the minority party some power?

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times past

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The Pledge at 125

(P. 20)

What does the national anthem mean to Americans today?

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news & trends

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News and Trends

(P. 4)

A Titanic discovery, power naps in Japan, the millionaires club, airplane etiquette, and more

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The Fight Over Fracking

(P. 10)

The drilling method has spurred a U.S. oil boom, but some think it does more harm than good.

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Should the Death Penalty Be Abolished?

(P. 22)

Two experts weigh in on the issue.

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(P. 24)

Some lighter looks at the news


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North Korea vs. the World

(P. 14)

The isolated Communist nation continues to threaten its enemies.

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the big picture

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High-Tech Camel Races

(P. 2)

Camel racing in the U.A.E. embraces robot jockeys.

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