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Cover Story

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21st Century Slavery

(P. 8)

Millions of people worldwide are living as modern-day slaves, including in the U.S.

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Why You Can’t Eat Just One

(P. 16)

What makes Doritos and other junk food so irresistible?

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the ethicist

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Should I Tell People They’re on Speakerphone?

(P. 22)

Do you have to tell people when they’re on speakerphone?


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(P. 24)

Some lighter looks at what’s in the news


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Rock Star Pope

(P. 6)

Pope Francis has generated a great deal of excitement since his election last year.

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Should a Hated Word be Banned?

(P. 14)

A proposal in Israel to ban Nazi and other Holocaust terms raises free speech issues.

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Is Facebook Making Us Lonely?

(P. 23)

Is Facebook making us lonely?


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Shameless Plugs?

(P. 12)

Companies are sneaking ads into TV shows, music videos, and even celebrity tweets.

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times past

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1914: 5 Things You Need to Know About World War I

(P. 18)

Five things you need to know about World War I on its centennial.

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news & trends

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News & Trends

(P. 3)

Simpsons math, prehistoric DNA, Axe overload, and more

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