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Why the U.N. Wants You to Eat Bugs

(P. 3)

The idea of eating insects may make you lose your appetite, but crickets, termites, and locusts are on the menu for more than 2 billion people worldwide

times past 1963

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The March on Washington

(P. 16)

Fifty years ago, more than 250,000 people marched on Washington, D.C., demanding an end to racial segregation.

the ethicist

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Study Aid or Just Plain Cheating?

(P. 23)

At my university, many students use tests from previous semesters to study for exams.


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10 Things You Need to Know About Washington

(P. 8)

It isn’t easy following the action—or lack of it—in the nation’s capital.

upfront q&a

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Life After Afghanistan

(P. 20)

A young veteran talks about the war and going from soldier to student.


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(P. 24)


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The High Price of Cheap Fashion

(P. 12)

What does your wardrobe have to do with a factory collapse in Bangladesh?


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Should Supreme Court Justices Continue to Have Life Tenure?

(P. 22)

our of the nine justices are 75 or older, prompting questions about how long they should be able to serve.

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