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Your November 2, 2015 Issue

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Animals vs. Humans

(P. 10)

The recent killing of Cecil the lion by an American trophy hunter has renewed the debate on how to preserve Africa’s wildlife.

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Was It a Mistake to Withdraw U.S. Troops From Iraq?

(P. 12)

Two experts weigh in on the issue.

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the big picture

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Nepal's Child Goddesses

(P. 2)

A big picture and a news brief about the kumaris of Nepal


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Can the Amazon's Last Tribes Survive?

(P. 6)

The rainforest may no longer be a refuge for South America’s most isolated peoples.

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2016 atlas & almanac

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World Affairs 2016

(P. 14)

Upfront’s annual atlas and almanac, which includes news maps for every continent and region; the latest data on the world’s 196 countries; and a selection of interesting statistics, with analysis questions

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news & trends

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News and Trends

(P. 4)

Wrestling for equality, changing times in North Korea, a new human ancestor, and more

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(P. 8)

Francis’s recent U.S. trip is the latest example of how he’s shaking up the Church.

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(P. 38)

Statistics from around the world


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(P. 40)

Some lighter looks at the news