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cover story

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The Sixth Extinction

(P. 12)

Many scientists agree that we’re headed for another mass extinction like the one that wiped out the dinosaurs.

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times past

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The Iranian Revolution

(P. 16)

Thirty-five years ago, the Iranian Revolution put an Islamic government into power and gave Americans their first taste of Islamic extremism.

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news & trends

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News and Trends

(P. 4)

Texting-only lanes, the ethics of tipping, OK turns 175, and more


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Should the U.S. and Canada Merge?

(P. 8)

A journalist argues that joining the two nations would create an unstoppable superpower.

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Is It Time to Ditch the Penny?

(P. 22)

Two experts weigh in on the issue.

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(P. 24)

Some lighter looks at the news


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Rap Music on Trial

(P. 6)

With more prosecutors using rap lyrics as criminal evidence, the line between art and confession is becoming fuzzy.

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the big picture

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Freedom Towers

(P. 2)

A big picture and a news brief about Spain's Human Tower Competition.

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