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The Jan. 11, 2016 Issue

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election 2016

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A Day on the Campaign Trail

(P. 14)

Upfront spends a day with Republican candidate Carly Fiorina in New Hampshire

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Can ISIS Be Stopped?

(P. 8)

An international coalition faces enormous challenges in trying to defeat ISIS.

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the big picture

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Yep, He’s Really Flying

(P. 2)

Flying with a jetpack

election 2016

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Primary Matters

(P. 12)

A primer on caucuses and primaries, with key dates

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Should Undocumented Immigrants Get a ‘Path to Citizenship’?

(P. 22)

Two experts weigh in on the issue.

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news & trends

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News and Trends

(P. 4)

Texting while walking, cat music, ugly veggies, and more

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Rethinking History

(P. 6)

Should colleges continue to honor famous alumni who were racists?

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times past

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‘You Have the Right to Remain Silent’

(P. 18)

The Supreme Court’s Miranda ruling established key rights for criminal suspects.

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(P. 24)

Some lighter looks at the news

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