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The Apr. 24, 2017 Issue 

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cover story

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Russia: Friend, Enemy, or Frenemy?

(P. 8)

President Trump wants better relations between the U.S. and Russia, but can Vladimir Putin be trusted?

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From Farm to Trash

(P. 14)

Efforts are under way to reduce food waste in the U.S.

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the big picture

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Hawaii’s Lava Waterfall

(P. 2)

Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano has been erupting since December 2016.


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Too Young to Say ‘I Do’?

(P. 6)

Underage marriage still happens in the U.S., but some states want to change that.

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times past

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The Six-Day War, Then & Now

(P. 18)

Fifty years later, what you need to know about the ongoing conflict between Israelis and Palestinians

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news & trends

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News and Trends

(P. 4)

North Korea’s “Netflix”, how teens get their news, twins in space, and more

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A Teen’s Lifesaving Invention

(P. 12)

Anurudh Ganesan hopes his Vaxxwagon will help stop children from dying of preventable diseases.

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Are We Too Wired?

(P. 22)

Two experts weigh in on the issue.

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(P. 24)

Some lighter looks at the news

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