18%: PERCENTAGE of people in the U.S. who think the sun revolves around Earth. | SOURCE: Gallup

$1.6 billion: AMOUNT that the U.S. contributes annually to the United Nations, about $400 million more than the second-biggest contributor, India. | SOURCE: United Nations

27: GALLONS OF BOTTLED WATER each American is projected to drink this year, compared with 26 gallons of soda. It would be the first time Americans consume more bottled water than soda. | SOURCE: Bloomberg

49 million: NUMBER OF TREES planted in India on July 11 to fight climate change.* It smashed the previous one-day record of 847,275 set by Pakistan in 2013 | SOURCE: National Geographic

*Trees absorb carbon dioxide, a major culprit in climate change, and convert it to oxygen. | SOURCE: National Geographic