Grumpy Cat finally has something to be happy about—although she probably won’t smile. The famously scowling cat and internet meme, whose real name is Tardar Sauce, recently won a $700,000 lawsuit over the use of her image. The cat’s owner, Tabatha Bundesen, had allowed California-based Grenade Beverage Company to use Grumpy Cat on a line of iced coffees. But Bundesen sued after finding out that Grenade was selling other Grumpy Cat products, including T-shirts. The legal payday is only a drop in the water bowl for Grumpy Cat, who by some estimates has earned $100 million through endorsements, appearances, and merchandizing since 2012. And she’s not the only pet cashing in. The top animal influencers, including such fluffy celebs as Jiffpom and Doug the Pug, are thought to rake in millions per year for their owners. “These pets have huge followings, especially on social media,” says Lauri Harrison, a marketing professor at Columbia University in New York, “and businesses are willing to dump incredible amounts of money into tapping into those audiences.”