Each year, an estimated 8 million tons of discarded plastic ends up in the world’s oceans, where it can harm or kill marine life. Jake Danehy, 24, and his sister Caroline, 21, decided to do something about it. Their Brooklyn, N.Y.,-based company, Fair Harbor, uses discarded plastic bottles to create bathing suits, athletic shorts, and other products. How do you turn 11 used plastic bottles into a bathing suit? First, the bottles are shredded into tiny pieces, then the pieces are spun into a polyester yarn, which is woven into fabric. The company is launching a line of women’s swimsuits in May and has set a goal this year of recycling more than 100,000 bottles sourced from all over the world. “Young people are tired of seeing the effects of this plastic on our environment,” Jake Danehy says, “so our goal is to promote change by taking this waste and turning it into a viable product.”