Olivia Moultrie is only 13, but she’s already changing the rules of women’s soccer. In February, she formally turned pro, signing a contract with a sports agency and an endorsement deal with Nike. Though it has long been common for boys in the U.S. to skip college to pursue soccer careers, only a few girls have tried it so far. But Olivia has been on an unconventional path for years. She began training at 7, started homeschooling in fifth grade to free her schedule for soccer, and became the first girl to play for a boys’ club team in the U.S. Soccer Development Academy system. Now she might join the National Women’s Soccer League as a developmental player if the league lowers the minimum age from 18. While some question Olivia’s decision to forgo college, many expect other young girls to follow her path. “It’s just a shift in women’s sports,” says Olivia’s agent, Spencer Wadsworth. “Women’s soccer is catching up to the men’s side, and there’s more opportunities for them.”