Q: What’s your process like?

A: I wake up every day at 5 a.m. and I read the news. From there, I choose stories I think our readers should be aware of and rewrite them exactly the way I would talk to my friends.

Q: Why should teens pay attention to the news?

A: A lot of people think it’s a scary, overwhelming thing, and that’s true and valid. But regardless of whether you’re paying attention to it or not, it’s going to affect you in a lot of direct ways.

Q: What have you learned?

A: I used to be really shy. I wanted to be an activist, but the examples of activism that I’d seen seemed scary to me, like standing in front of a group of people and giving a speech. With The Cramm, I can be an introvert and still make a positive change in the world.

Q: What are your goals?

A: One overarching goal is to create a more socially conscious generation. There’s a lot of hate and fear happening around the world right now, and I think most of it is a result of ignorance. I think informed people can help fight ignorance.

(This interview was edited and condensed for length and clarity.)