When his grandparents moved to Boston from Russia four years ago, John Finkelman was excited that they’d be closer to his San Diego home. But he soon saw what a difficult time they were having. “They didn’t understand a lot about how our country works,” Finkelman, now 19, says. His grandparents—who are Jewish and left Russia because of discrimination—needed help with basics such as using public transportation and booking doctor’s appointments. It made Finkelman think about the thousands of other refugees who come to America each year. So in 2017, he started Equal Voice Initiative, an organization that helps families adjust to life in the U.S., providing them with free English and life skills lessons. More than 1,300 refugees have since taken classes. The group has also partnered with other charities to collect food, clothing, and educational supplies. “It’s so easy for refugees to become lost and just fall into poverty,” Finkelman says. “We are trying to make a difference.”