Numbers in the News



PERCENTAGE increase in solar power capacity expected in the U.S. this year. The pandemic initially slowed solar power projects, experts say, but the industry has now made up the difference.

Source: The New York Times

300 million

NUMBER of potentially habitable Earth-like planets that could be in the Milky Way galaxy, according to a new analysis by NASA astronomers.

Source: The New York Times


NUMBER of pear pies baked by a team of chefs in the United Arab Emirates in January. They set a new record for the world’s longest line of pies.

Source: UPI

14 hrs, 10 mins

Courtesy of Darcie DeBlois-Rivard

TIME it took 16-year-old Vera Rivard of New Hampshire to swim 33 miles across the English Channel recently. She’s one of the youngest people ever to complete the swim.

Source: People