incrEDIBLE Eats

Next time you grab takeout, you just might be able to eat the disposable cutlery that comes with it. To avoid plastic and paper waste, some companies are now offering straws, spoons, cups, and other utensils that you can munch on after finishing your meal, rather than throwing them away. These utensils—made from ingredients such as rice and sugar—often come in different flavors; a vanilla spoon might pair well with ice cream, for example (although manufacturers say you won’t taste it unless you bite into it). Don’t want to eat your cutlery? You can also compost it. Edible utensils have already popped up in places including Disney, Carnival cruises, and Lavazza coffee shops, and manufacturers are vowing to get their products into many more restaurants and stores in the future. Although some customers aren’t sold on the idea, others have embraced the eco-friendly trend. It’s “frightening to think how much plastic we use, and all of it ending up buried in and on the ground basically forever,” one Amazon reviewer wrote. “These spoons are a perfect place to start if you want to contribute to a happier planet!”