My brother and I are in high school. He’s one grade behind me. I’m pretty sure he likes this girl in my class. She would never like him back—like, not in a million years. Can I tell him it’s hopeless?  —BROTHER

I’m going to assume you want the best for your brother (and this isn’t some mean sibling rivalry thing). What do you really know here? You suspect your brother has a crush on a girl, and you doubt she will reciprocate it. That’s not much!

You will probably have to deliver bad news many times in your life. I hope you do it kindly. But a major prerequisite is having actual news to deliver, and here, you’ve got only your suspicions. Leave your brother alone. And even if it plays out exactly as you predict, don’t take pleasure in being right. Be proud of your brother for following his heart.

—Adapted from “Social Q’s” in The New York Times Magazine