Numbers in the News

Courtesy of Klein Vision

1,500 ft

MAXIMUM ALTITUDE that can be reached by AirCar, a new flying car designed in Slovakia. The creators shared footage of an AirCar test flight in November and said they hope to begin selling the car sometime this year.

Source: UPI


AMOUNT the makers of Top Ramen recently offered to pay someone to be its honorary Chief Noodle Officer. The winner will test out recipes for the company.

Source: Forbes


YEAR of postmark on a package delivered to a Maryland suburb this fall, 41 years after it was sent. Inside, there was a pair of riding boots made in England.

Source: The Washington Post

Courtesy of Roman Numismatics, Auction XX, Lot 463

$3.5 million

PRICE a gold coin commemorating the assassination of Julius Caesar recently sold for at auction. The coin was minted in 42 B.C., two years after a group of senators stabbed the Roman dictator to death.

Source: CNN